LOGJAM: Art Exhibit Inspired by Forests

Logjam_slideA new art exhibit at the Overture Center’s James Watrous Gallery in Madison, Wis., brings prints and sculptures together to a magical place where art, science, and history collide.

LOGJAM features the work of three artists: Brenda Baker, Kevin Giese, and Mark Iwinski. According to the Gallery’s website, the artists’ “sculpture and prints inspire reflection on environmental restoration and the health of our forests. Through photographs, artifacts, and text, the exhibition also considers the legacy of the Wisconsin cutover, the rise of industrial forestry, and the development of more sustainable forestry practices.”

“Interpretive sections will include images, artifacts, and texts that evoke the logging era and the subsequent rise of ‘industrial forestry.’ A group of folk art objects and photographs that represent early Wisconsin loggers, logging equipment, and lumber operations will be on view, along with samples from the USDA Forest Products Lab’s (FPL) renowned wood anatomy collection. Objects that reflect today’s interest in sustainable forestry, urban wood products, and ‘whole tree’ lumber will also point to current issues in forestry and timber usage.”

If you’re in the Madison area, a visit to the gallery is worth your time. If you’re afar, the exhibit’s flickr site is a great way to catch a glimpse of these talented artists’ fine work. FPL’s contribution can be seen in this flickr gallery from the exhibit’s opening night. Can you find it? (Hint: It looks like an interesting variation on the classic card catalog, if you’re old enough to know what that is!)