Winning Wood Stove Designs Announced: FPL'er one of the judges in worldwide competition

Last week in Washington, D.C., the National Mall was lit up by contestants in the Wood Stove Decathlon, sponsored by the Alliance for Green Heat.

wood_stoveTwelve teams from around the world brought their best designs, aimed at finding the cleanest, cheapest, most renewable ways to heat with wood. After five days of testing and judging, the New Hampshire company Woodstock Soapstone claimed the $25,000 first prize with a hybrid design.

A great article and video from National Geographic provides more detailed information on the various stoves, their designers, and the testing process.

Mark Knaebe, a Natural Resources Specialist at the Forest Products Laboratory, was one of the contest judges. In a previous Lab Notes post on the decathalon, Knaebe explained that many wood stoves and boilers are not very efficient, and the competition provides a way to both educate and encourage the development of “pollution-free burning devices.”