18th International Nondestructive Testing and Evaluation of Wood Symposium

“From strong beginnings to an international research community.”

Robert J. Ross

Robert J. Ross, symposium co-chair

The International Nondestructive Testing and Evaluation Symposium series has grown from its first meeting as a cooperative effort between FPL and Washington State University to a successful international collaboration. This week FPL is hosting scientists from around the world for the 18th symposium in its 50 year history.

Wood experts from 23 countries haveĀ convened for this event, illustrating its global flavor.


Xiping Wang, symposium co-chair

In commemorating the event, FPL Director Michael T. Rains noted that nondestructive testing and evaluation technologies have contributed to public safety and critical efforts to promote the efficient use of the world’s forest resources.”If forests are managed wisely, and if we continue to build our knowledge base in nondestructive evaluation to meet the challenges of evolving human needs and changing wood characteristics, this amazing material that is wood will serve the public well for years to come.”

Technical sessions for the symposium this year include: industrial applications of technologies; evaluation and hazard assessment of urban trees; evaluation of standing trees and logs; condition assessment of historic wood structures; evaluating composite materials (e.g., nanocellulose to glued laminated timber); acoustic-based techniques; and near infrared and neutron imaging.