Desk Reference on Fastener Corrosion Created for Engineers


Samuel Zelinka, FPL research materials engineer

Over the past few years, FPL research materials engineer Samuel Zelinka has investigated the corrosion of fasteners in new wood preservatives. Recently, Zelinka compiled his research findings into a single report on corrosion of metals in wood. The report, titled Corrosion of Fasteners in Wood Treated with Newer Wood Preservatives, was created to serve as a desk reference for engineers to aid in materials selection when building with treated wood.

The research addresses these pertinent questions on designing durable connections with new preservative treatments:

• How rapidly do embedded metals corrode in wood?
• What is the mechanism of corrosion in treated wood?
• Do extractives affect corrosion?
• How can we rapidly determine the service life of metals in wood?
• How can we use corrosion data to predict service life of metals in wood?
• Do suitable non-metallic fasteners for use in wood exist and how durable are they?

This research was conducted as part of the Research, Technology and Education portion of the National Historic Covered Bridge Preservation Program administered by the Federal Highway Administration.