Finishes for wood bowls, butcher blocks, and other kitchen items.


The durability and beauty of wood make it an attractive material for bowls, butcher blocks, and other items used to serve or prepare food. This recently revised FinishLine covers finishes for wood bowls and items commonly used in food service or preparation such as butcher blocks.

This FinishLine explains how water-repellent finishes can reduce the effects of moisture and can make wood items easier to clean. Finished wood countertops, for example, are less likely to show stains. Applying melted paraffin wax is one simple way to finish wood kitchen items.

Two types of finishes are addressed: film-forming and penetrating. Finishes that form a film on wood, such as varnish, lacquer, and shellac, are also called coating finishes. Although the film protects the wood, it eventually chips, peels, or cracks. Penetrating finishes come in two types: drying oils and non-drying oils.

Information on this and other revised FinishLines is available through FPL’s website.