Stripping Paint From Exterior Wood Surfaces


Removing paint and other film-forming finishes is a time-consuming and often difficult process. Stripping Paint From Exterior Wood Surfaces, a newly revised FinishLine fact sheet, outlines factors to consider when stripping exterior wood before painting or staining.

This FinishLine covers:

  • Stripping Methods
  • Chemical Strippers
  • Peel-away Strippers
  • Non-Alkali Peel-Away
  • Disposal of Old Paint

In some cases, finishes need to be removed prior to repainting. If the surface is covered with peeling or blistered paint, for example, or if excessive paint buildup has caused cross-grain cracking, the old layers of finish should be removed. Removing old layers of paint or other finish is also essential before applying a penetrating stain or water-repellent finish to a previously painted or stained (solid color) surface. The best surface to repaint is one that has been sanded and has no leftover stripper.

The recently revised FinishLine series, authored by FPL Forest Products Marketing Unit technologist Mark Knaebe, includes many practical tips for anyone working to improve the durability, functionality, and/or natural beauty of wood.