FPL’s Current Research Emphasis Areas

spring-fpl-4webFPL’s mission is to identify and conduct innovative wood and fiber utilization research that contributes to the conservation and productivity of forest resources, thereby sustaining forests, the economy, and quality of life.

Aligned with the missions and emerging research areas of the USDA and U.S. Forest Service, FPL contributes to the needs of society by focusing its research initiatives in five areas:

Advanced Composites: Developing engineered biocomposites helps meet the nation’s diverse needs for high-performance building and commodity products while maximizing the sustainability of forest resources.

Advanced Wood Structures: Creating advanced technologies and alternative building methods can greatly enhance the value of wood in residential, nonresidential, and transportation structures.

Bioenergy & Biorefining: Processing woody biomass, such as waste from wood processing plants, tree tops and limbs, and urban waste wood, can help produce energy and other value-added products.

Cellulose Nanotechnology: Enhancing the utility or performance of wood- and fiber-based products through an understanding of wood at the most fundamental level: the nanoscale.

Woody Biomass Utiliization: Using small-diameter softwoods, underutilized hardwoods, and urban woody biomass to improve forest health, decrease fire risks, boost local economies, and provide renewable resources.