Seeking a broad understanding of the forest products sector


Kenneth Skog, supervisory research forester at FPL

The Economics and Statistics Research group at FPL is a busy bunch.

Led by project leader and forest economist¬†Ken Skog, the team’s mission is to “provide economic analysis and projections that indicate the impacts of changing wood products use” and applying “modern statistical methods to enhance the integrity and efficiency of FPL research.”

A handful of current research projects exemplify the breadth of this important line of work:

  • Applying statistical methods to enhance the quality of FPL’s wood utilization and economics research.
  • Improving statistical modeling of wood, fiber, and composite properties, processing, and performance.
  • Monitoring and modeling markets, production, consumption and trade trends, and technology changes in the U.S. forest products industry.
  • Providing accessible, consistent information on timber, wood products, and paper product industries for forestry and forest industry strategic planning.
  • Providing knowledge on the economic viability of new technologies for converting wood and fiber into new or improved paper and wood products or biofuels.
  • Evaluating the forest sector’s role in sustainable management of natural systems.
  • Evaluating the environmental impacts of wood-based product production and use and evaluating the carbon mitigation benefits of wood products production in combination with benefits of forest management.