Cabralea cangerana
Family: Meliaceae
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Other Common Names: Cajarana, Pau de santo (Brazil), Cancharana, Canxarana (Argentina), Congerana (Uruguay), Cedro-ra (Paraguay).


Distribution: Found in Paraguay, Uruguay, and Argentina but is most abundant in central and southeastern Brazil.


The Tree: Usually of medium height but with a large trunk up to 4 ft in diameter.


The Wood:

General Characteristics: Heartwood typically dull red or maroon, sometimes lighter colored with purplish streaks; not always sharply demarcated from the pinkish sapwood.  The wood has a fragrant scent when fresh but without odor or taste when dry.  Texture medium to coarse; grain generally straight, sometimes wary.


Weight: Basic specific gravity (ovendry weight/green volume) 0.55; air-dry density 42 pcf.


Mechanical Properties: (2-cm standard)


Moisture content   Bending strength   Modulus of elasticity   Maximum crushing strength

            (%)                  (Psi)                            (1,000 psi)                   (Psi)

Green (30)                   10,100                         1,360                           5,700

15%                             12,700                         NA                              7,400


Air-dry Amsler toughness 147 in.-lb (2-cm specimen).


Drying and Shrinkage: No data available on drying characteristics. Shrinkage green to  ovendry: radial 3.4%; tangential 6.6%; volumetric 10.4%.


Working Properties: The wood is easy to work, finishes smoothly.


Durability: Heartwood highly resistant to attack by decay fungi and insects.


Preservation: No data available.


Uses: General carpentry, interior and exterior construction, joinery, fine furniture, favored in Brazil for carving.


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