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Wood Technical Fact Sheet

Lysiloma spp.



Family: Leguminosae

Other Common Names: Abey, Frijolillo, Jigue, Sabicu (Cuba), Tabernau, Tavernon (Haiti), T'zalam (Mexico).

Distribution: Chiefly a Mexican genus with extensions into Central America, southernmost parts of the United States, and the Greater Antilles.

The Tree: A spreading tree with a rather short trunk, 2 to 3 ft in diameter; sometimes free of branches for 25 ft.

The Wood:

General Characteristics: Heartwood lustrous brown with a coppery or purplish tinge, sometimes faintly striped; sharply demarcated from the thin white sapwood. Texture medium; grain straight to roey; without distinctive odor or taste.

Weight: Basic specific gravity (ovendry weight/green volume) 0.63; air-dry density 48 pcf.

Mechanical Properties: (2-in. standard)

Moisture content Bending strength Modulus of elasticity Maximum crushing strength

(%) (Psi) (1,000 psi) (Psi)

Green (19) 9,500 1,230 NA

12% 12,800 1,900 NA

Janka side hardness 1,320 lb for green material and 1,400 lb at 12% moisture content. Amsler toughness 292 in.-lb for green material and 345 in.-lb at 12% moisture content (2-cm specimen).

Drying and Shrinkage: Reported to air-season slowly. Kiln schedule T3-C2 was used to dry 6/4 and 4/4 stock; the boards were prone to surface and end checking. Shrinkage green to ovendry: radial 2.7%; tangential 7.2%; volumetric 9.5%.

Working Properties: Considered easy to work, finishes smoothly, and takes a high natural polish.

Durability: Heartwood is rated as highly durable.

Preservation: No information available.

Uses: General construction, furniture, wheel wright work, parquet, interior trim, bobbins and shuttles, veneer, and knife handles.

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