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Wood Technical Fact Sheet


 Paratecoma peroba

White Peroba

Peroba De Campos

Family: Bignoniaceae

Other Common Names: lpe peroba, Peroba, Peroba branca, Peroba manchada (Brazil).

Distribution: Coastal forests of eastern Brazil ranging from Bahia to Rio de Janeiro.

The Tree: The tree attains a height of about 130 ft and diameters to 60 in.; boles are symmetrical and clear to 90 ft.

The Wood:

General Characteristics: Heartwood light olive, with a yellowish, greenish, or reddish hue, sometimes indistinctly striped; sharply demarcated from the white or yellowish sapwood. Texture is fine; fairly lustrous; grain commonly interlocked with a narrow stripe or roey figure; without distinctive odor or taste. Fine dust produced in machining causes skin irritations in some workers.

Weight: Basic specific gravity (ovendry weight/green volume) 0.60; air-dry density 46 pcf.

Mechanical Properties: (2-cm standard)

Moisture content Bending strength Modulus of elasticity Maximum crushing strength

(%) (Psi) (1,000 psi) (Psi)

Green (30) 14,100 1,490 6,500

15% 16,900 NA 7,800

12% (42) 16,200 1,650 9,260

Janka side hardness 1,600 lb at 12% moisture content. Amsler toughness 327 in.-lb. 15% moisture content (2-cm specimen).

Drying and Shrinkage: Reported to dry readily with negligible splitting. Warp not generally serious though it may become severe in thin stock with irregular grain. Kiln schedule T3-D2 is suggested for 4/4 stock and T3-D1 for 8/4. Shrinkage green ovendry: radial 3.8%; tangential 6.6%; volumetric 10.5%.

Working Properties: The wood is reported to machine easily but care is needed in planing quartered surfaces. Easy to glue and finish. As noted, may cause dermatitis in some workers.

Durability: The heartwood is rated very durable in resistance to attack by decay fungi.

Preservation: Resistant to preservative treatments.

Uses: Fine furniture, interior joinery, decking and flooring, vats and tanks for foodstuffs, decorative veneers.

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