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Wood Technical Fact Sheet


 Maytenus spp.

Carne D'Anta

Family: Celastraceae

Other Common Names: Aguabola, Limncillo (Mexico), Ariza, Camaron (Colombia), Cucharo

(Venezuela), Carne d'anta, Apiranga, Chuchasca, Pau de colher (Brazil), Maiten,

Naranjillo (Argentina).

Distribution: Well distributed throughout tropical America, occurs scattered in the

coastal forests of the Bahia region of Brazil; also well known in the Patagonian

forests of Rio Negro, Argentina.

The Tree:

The Tree:

The Tree:

Attains a height of 75 to 100 ft with a cylindrical bole 2 to 5 ft in diameter; wit

little taper and without buttresses.

The Wood:

The Wood:

The Wood:

General Characteristics: Heartwood light reddish brown; sapwood whitish. Texture

very fine and uniform; luster low to medium; grain interlocked to irregular; without

distinctive odor or taste.

Weight: Basic specific gravity (ovendry weight/green volume) varying with species

from 0.64 to 0.77; air-dry density 49 to 59 pcf.

Mechanical Properties: (1-in. standard)

Moisture content Bending strength Modulus of elasticity Maximum crushing strength

(%) (Psi) (1,000 psi) (Psi)

12% (24) 18,200 2,410 11,100

Janka side hardness 2,240 lb at 12% moisture content. Forest Products Laboratory toughness 120 in.-lb at 12% moisture content (5/8-in. specimen).

Drying and Shrinkage: Reported to air-dry slowly with a tendency toward severe warping. No data on dry kiln schedules available. Shrinkage from green to ovendry radial 4.6%; tangential 8.9%.

Working Properties: Reported to have satisfactory working qualities, particularly suited for turnery.

Durability: Susceptible to attack by decay fungi.

Preservation: Heartwood is reported to have excellent absorption and penetration of preservatives when treated using either an open-tank or pressure-vacuum system.

Uses: General carpentry and construction, turnery, furniture, and cabinet work.

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