Staudtia stipitata syn. S. gabonensis
Family: Myristicaceae
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Other Common Names: M'bonda (Cameroon), Niove, M'boun (Gabon), Kamashi, Nkafi (Zaire).


Distribution: Found in Gabon, Cameroon, and the Congo region; occurs in mixed forests, in large stands, as well as secondary forests.


The Tree: Reaches a height of 70 to 100 ft; bole is cylindrical, straight and clear to 60 ft; butt is sometimes swollen; trunk diameter to 3 ft.


The Wood:

General Characteristics: Heartwood red brown to yellow brown with darker streaks; sapwood 4 in. wide, pale yellow to orange brown. Texture is very fine; grain straight; slightly lustrous and occasionally oily; pepperlike scent.


Weight: Basic specific gravity (ovendry weight/green volume) 0.75; air-dry density 57 pcf.


Mechanical Properties: (2-cm standard)


Moisture content   Bending strength   Modulus of elasticity   Maximum crushing strength

            (%)                  (Psi)                            (1,000 psi)                   (Psi)

12% (44)                     23,500                         NA                              11,300


12% (46)                     25,400                         2,300                           13,300


Amsler toughness 155 to 272 in.-lb at 12% moisture content (2-cm specimen).


Drying and Shrinkage: Seasons slowly and requires care to avoid end checking, little warp. No information on kiln schedules. Shrinkage green to ovendry: radial 5.5%; tangential 7.2%; volumetric 12.5%. Movement in service is small.


Working Properties: Timber saws slowly but with little difficulty, tungsten-carbide tipped cutters are suggested; planes with ease to produce a smooth finish, glues satisfactorily. Should be quartersawn. if steamed, suitable for slicing.


Durability: Excellent durability and resistant to termite attack. Excellent weathering properties.


Preservation: Difficult to treat.


Uses: Cabinetwork, joinery, decorative veneers, flooring, turnery.


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