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Putting Technology to Use

fpl Similar to state Extension services provided by many universities, the FPL's Forest Products Marketing Unit (FPMU) provides a broad scope of expertise in wood products utilization, marketing, technology transfer, and technical assistance. The FPMU is part of the U.S. Forest Service's State & Private Forestry and collaborates with many different partners, particularly the Forest Service's Research & Development staff and state forestry agencies.

fpl In promoting the efficient, sustainable use of wood, the FPMU assists private businesses, local governments, and rural communities by transferring wood-based technologies developed by the FPL, other Forest Service research stations, universities, and other Federal laboratories.

The FPMU supports the national and international mission of the Forest Service in forest products utilization by ensuring ready adoption of forest-based material technologies to many small, rural forest product businesses. The breadth of FPMU's work includes forest products conservation, processing, manufacturing efficiency, marketing, recycling, and bioenergy. Technical assistance efforts include publications, technical assistance visits, conferences, workshops, meetings, as well as individual consultations. The FPMU manages and awards over $5 million each year in grants dedicated to helping improve the utilization of woody biomass removed from forest restoration projects.

fpl "The fun thing about working for the Forest Products Marketing Unit (FPMU) is variety," says FPMU Acting Program Manager John R. (Rusty) Dramm. "No day is ever the same. We work with a wide range of customers, most of them rural small business owners or entrepreneurs, and their issues are all very different. Many times they don't know who else to turn to for assistance." Through a strong customer-service orientation, the FPMU successfully promotes rural, sustainable, forest based businesses, by focusing on problem solving, facilitation, and networking.

fpl FPL's Forest Product Marketing Unit clients and partners typically include:

  • National Forest System
  • State Foresters and other Federal agencies
  • Forest-based businesses
  • Rural communities
  • Landowners
  • Tribal nations
  • Conservation groups
  • Rural and urban economic development councils