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Below are the 102 publications that have been posted within the last 90 calendar days sorted by year. You may re-sort the listing by: 

CategoryTotal Postings
Book Chapter3
Conference Proceedings30
General Technical Reports1
Journal Articles60
Not Classified5

Publication Year: 2015
Title: Chapter 15: Characterization And Processing Of Nanocellulose Thermosetting Composites
Source: J.K. Pandey et al. (eds.), Handbook of Polymer Nanocomposites. Processing, Performance and Application – Volume C: Polymer Nanocomposites of Cellulose Nanoparticles, Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2015; pp. 265-295.
Author(s) Sabo, Ronald C.; Elhajjar, Rani F.; Clemons, Craig M.; Pillai, Krishna M.
Year: 2015   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Durability And Wood Protection Research At The Forest Products Laboratory [Brochure].
Source: Madison, WI: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Forest Products Laboratory, 2015
Author(s) Clausen, Carol
Year: 2015   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Comparison Of The Heat Release Rate From The Mass Loss Calorimeter To The Cone Calorimeter For Wood-Based Materials
Source: In: Proceedings Fire and Materials 2015, 14th international Conference and Exhibition, 2-4 February 2015, Hyatt Hotel, Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco, USA; 2015. pp. 116-126.
Author(s) Hasburgh, Laura E.; White, Robert H.; Dietenberger, Mark A.; Boardman, Charles R.
Year: 2015   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Corrosion Of Wires On Wooden Wire-Bound Packaging Crates
Source: In: NACE International Corrosion Conference and Expo 2015 Paper No. 5617, 2015; 15 p.
Author(s) Zelinka, Samuel L.; Lebow, Stan
Year: 2015   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Life-Cycle Inventory Analysis Of Laminated Veneer Lumber Production In The United States
Source: Proceedings of the 58th International Convention of Society of Wood Science and Technology June 7-12, 2015 - Grand Teton National Park, Jackson, Wyoming, USA; paper A-1 pp. 1-10.
Author(s) Bergman, Richard D., PhD.
Year: 2015   view abstract, download publication »

Title: An Evolutionary History Of Oriented Strandboard (Osb)
Source: USDA Forest Service, Forest Products Laboratory, General Technical Report, FPL-GTR-236, 2015; 10 p.
Author(s) Zerbe, John I.; Cai, Zhiyong; Harpole, George B.
Year: 2015   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Cellulose Nanocrystal/Polyolefin Biocomposites Prepared By Solid-State Shear Pulverization: Superior Dispersion Leading To Synergistic Property Enhancements
Source: Polymer, Volume 56, 2015; pp. 464-475.
Author(s) Iyer, Krishnan A.; Schueneman, Gregory T.; Torkelson, John M.
Year: 2015   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Command Performance The Usfs Presents Its Annual Termiticide Report For 2014
Source: Pest Management Professional March 2015; pp. 42-46.
Author(s) Shelton, Thomas; Fye, Donald; Tang, Juliet, D..; Mankowski, Mark, E. .
Year: 2015   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Cradle-To-Gate Life Cycle Assessment Of Switchgrass Fuel Pellets Manufactured In The Southeastern United States
Source: Wood and Fiber Science, Volume 47, Number 2, 2015; pp. 147-159.
Author(s) Bergman, R. D., PhD.; Reed, D. L.; Taylor, A. M.; Harper, D. P.; Hodges, D. G.
Year: 2015   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Effect Of Hot-Pressing Temperature On The Subsequent Enzymatic Saccharification And Fermentation Performance Of Sporl Pretreated Forest Biomass
Source: Bioenerg Res. Volume 8, 2015; pp. 464-470.
Author(s) Zhang, Jingzhi; Laguna, Andrea; Clemons, Craig; Wolcott, Michael P.; Gleisner, Rolland; Zhu, J.Y.; Zhang, Xu
Year: 2015   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Estimating The Spread Rate Of Urea Formaldehyde Adhesive On Birch (Betula Pendula Roth) Veneer Using Fluorescence
Source: Eur. J. Wood Prod. Volume 73, 2015; pp. 69–75.
Author(s) Antikainen, Toni; Rohumaa, Anti; Hunt, Christopher G.; Levirinne, Mari; Hughes, Mark
Year: 2015   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Facile Preparation Of Nanofiller-Paper Using Mixed Office Paper Without Deinking
Source: Tappi Journal, Volume 14, Number 3, 2015; pp.167-174.
Author(s) Wang, Qianqian; Zhu, J.Y.
Year: 2015   view abstract, download publication »

Title: First Record Of The Arid-Land Termite Reticulitermes Tibialis Banks, In Wisconsin
Source: THE GREAT LAKES ENTOMOLOGIST Volume 48, Number 1 - 2, 2015; pp. 98-99.
Author(s) Arango, Rachel A.
Year: 2015   view abstract, download publication »

Title: High Titer And Yield Ethanol Production From Undetoxified Whole Slurry Of Douglas-Fir Forest Residue Using Ph Profiling In Sporl
Source: Biotechnology for Biofuels, Volume 8, Number 22, 2015; 10 p.
Author(s) Cheng, Jinlan; Leu, Shao-Yuan; Zhu, JY; Gleisner, Rolland
Year: 2015   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Modeling Temperature Effect On Dynamic Modulus Of Elasticity Of Red Pine (Pinus Resinosa) In Frozen And Non-Frozen States
Source: Holzforschung, Volume 69, Number 2, 2015; pp. 233–240.
Author(s) Gao, Shan; Wang, Xiping; Wang, Lihai
Year: 2015   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Moisture Transfer Through The Membrane Of A Cross-Flow Energy Recovery Ventilator: Measurement And Simple Data-Driven Modeling
Source: Journal of Building Physics 2015, Volume 38, number 5, 2015; pp. 389-418.
Author(s) Boardman, CR; Glass, Samuel V.
Year: 2015   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Self-Assembled Optically Transparent Cellulose Nanofibril Films: Effect Of Nanofibril Morphology And Drying Procedure
Source: Cellulose, Volume 22, 2015; pp. 1094–1102.
Author(s) Qing, Yan; Sabo, Ronald; Wu, Yiqiang; Zhu, J.Y.; Cai, Zhiyong
Year: 2015   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Using A Combined Hydrolysis Factor To Optimize High Titer Ethanol Production From Sulfite-Pretreated Poplar Without Detoxification
Source: Bioresource Technology. 186: 223-231.
Author(s) Zhang, Jingzhi; Gu, Feng; Zhu, J.Y.; Zalesny Jr., Ronald S., Jr..
Year: 2015   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Wood As Polar Size Exclusion Chromatography Media: Implications To Adhesive Performance
Source: Forest Prod. J. Volume 65, Number 1/2, 2015; pp. 9–14.
Author(s) Hunt, Christopher; O'Dell, Jane; Jakes, Joseph; Grigsby, Warren J.; Frihart, Charles R.
Year: 2015   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Cradle-To-Gate Life-Cycle Inventory Of Cellulosic Fiberboard Produced In North America
Source: Bergman R. 2015. Cradle-to-gate life-cycle inventory of cellulosic fiberboard produced in North America. CORRIM Final Report. University of Washington. Seattle, WA. February 2015. 58 p.
Author(s) Bergman, Richard D., PhD.
Year: 2015   view abstract, download publication »

Publication Year: 2014
Title: High Solids Quasi-Simultaneous Enzymatic Saccharification And Fermentation Of Un-Detoxified Whole Slurry Of Sporl Pretreated Douglas-Fir Forest Residue
Source: Cellulose Chem. Technol., Volume 48, Number 9-10, 2014; pp. 849-854.
Author(s) Cheng, Jinlan; Leu, S.-Y.; Gleisner, Roland; Pan, X.J.; Zhu, J.Y.
Year: 2014   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Patterning Of Oxide-Hardened Gold Black By Photolithography And Metal Lift-Off
Source: Infrared Physics & Technology, Volume 62, 2014; pp. 94–99.
Author(s) Panjwani, Deep; Yesiltas, Mehmet; Nath, Janardan; Maukonen, D.E.; Rezadad, Imen; Smith, Evan M.; Peale, R.E.; Hirschmugl, Carol; Sedlmair, Julia; Wehlitz, Ralf; Unger, Miriam; Boreman, Glenn
Year: 2014   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Preserving Ancient Artifacts For The Next Millennia
Source: PNAS, Volume 111, Number 50, 2015; pp. 17700-17701.
Author(s) Zelinka, Samuel L.
Year: 2014   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Technical Note: Evaluation Of A Crucible Furnace Retort For Laboratory Torrefactions Of Wood Chips
Source: Wood and Fiber Science
Author(s) Eberhardt, Thomas L.; Reed, Karen G.
Year: 2014   view abstract, download publication »

Title: The Influence Of Felling Season And Log-Soaking Temperature On The Wetting And Phenol Formaldehyde Adhesive Bonding Characteristics Of Birch Veneer
Source: Holzforschung Volume 68, Number 8, 2014; pp. 965–970.
Author(s) Rohumaa, Anti; Hunt, Christopher G.; Frihart, Charles R.; Saranpää, Pekka; Ohlmeyer, Martin; Hughes, Mark
Year: 2014   view abstract, download publication »

Publication Year: 2013
Title: Chapter 1.4: Mechanical And Thermal Property Enhancement In Cellulose Nanocrystal/Waterborne Epoxy Composites
Source: In: Production and applications of Cellulose nanomaterials, Chapter 1.4, TAPPI Press, 2013; pp. 97-98.
Author(s) Xu, Shanhong; Girouard, Natalie; Cross, Lionel; Mintz, Eric; Schueneman, Greg; Shofner, Meisha L.; Meredith, Carson
Year: 2013   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Prediction Of Transverse Shrinkages Of Young-Growth Sitka Spruce (Picea Sitchensis) And Western Hemlock (Tsuga Heterophylla) With Ultrasonic Measurements
Source: Wood Material Science & Engineering, Volume 8, Number 4, 2013; pp. 234-241.
Author(s) Dundar, Turker; Wang, Xiping; Ross, Robert J.
Year: 2013   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Primary Properties Of Mdf Using Thermomechanical Pulp Made From Oxalic Acid Pretreated Rice Straw Particles
Source: Industrial Crops & Products, Volume 41, 2013; pp. 414-418.
Author(s) Li, Xianjun; Wu, Yiqiang; Cai, Zhiyong; Winandy, Jerrold E.
Year: 2013   view abstract, download publication »

Publication Year: 2005
Title: Wood Used In New Residential Construction U.S. And Canada - 1995, 1998, And 2003; Appendix C
Source: In: Wood Products Council, 2005. Wood used in new residential construction U.S. and Canada 1995, 1998, and 2003. Tacoma, WA: Wood Products Council, Appendix C. 2005; 99 p.
Author(s) McKeever, David B.
Year: 2005   view abstract, download publication »

Publication Year: 1999
Title: The Structures Of Native Celluloses And Their Modifications During Isolation And Preparation
Source: Proceedings of the MIE Bioforum 98: Genetics, Biochemistry and Ecology of Cellulose Degradation (1999 Sept. 7-11 : Suzuka, Japan) pp. 21-22.
Author(s) Atalla, R.H.
Year: 1999   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Wood Used In New Residential Construction 1998 And 1995
Source: Wood Products Council, 1999; Wood used in new residential construction –1998 and 1995. Tacoma, WA: APA-The Engineered Wood Assoc. 14 p.
Author(s) McKeever, David
Year: 1999   view abstract, download publication »

Publication Year: 1995
Title: Polyoxometalate Bleaching Of Kraft Pulp: A Highly Selective Closed Mill Technology
Source: In: Proceedings of the 1995 TAPPI Pulping conference; 1995 October 1-5; Chicago Il. Atlanta, GA: TAPPI PRESS: Book 1. 1995; pp. 153-156.
Author(s) Weinstock, I.A.; Atalla, R.H.; Reiner, R.S.; Moen, M.A.; Hammel, K.E.; Hill, C. L.; Houtman, C.J.
Year: 1995   view abstract, download publication »

Publication Year: 1994
Title: A Synoptic Climatology For Forest Fires In The Ne Us And Future Implications For Gcm Simulations
Source: International Journal of Wildland Fire. 4(4): 217-224.
Author(s) Qing, Yan; Sabo, Ronald; Wu, Yiqiang; Zhu, J.Y.
Year: 1994   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Checklist And Host Index Of Wood-Inhabiting Fungi Of Alaska
Source: MYCOTAXON, Volume 52, Number 1, July-September 1994; pp. 1-46.
Author(s) Volk, Thomas J.; Burdsall Jr., Harold H.; Reynolds, Keith
Year: 1994   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Phenolic Adhesive Bonds To Aspen Veneers Treated With Amino-Resin Fire Retardants
Source: Forest Prod. J. Volume 44, Number 1, 1994; pp. 33-40.
Author(s) Vick, Charles B.
Year: 1994   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Resistance Moisture Meter Correction Factor For Pacific Yew
Source: Forest Prod. J., Volume 44, Number 1, 1994; pp. 63-64.
Author(s) Simpson, William T.; Loehnertz, Stephen P.
Year: 1994   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Short, Clear Specimens For Estimating Drying Time Of Sugar Maple Lumber
Source: Wood and Fiber Science, Volume 26, Number 2, 1994, pp. 171-177.
Author(s) Simpson, Williama T.; Tschernitz, John L.; Sarfo, James S.
Year: 1994   view abstract, download publication »

Publication Year: 1993
Title: Armillaria Infection And Water Stress Influence Gas-Exchange Properties Of Mediterranean Trees
Source: HORTSCIENCE, Volume 28, Number 3, 1993; pp. 222-224
Author(s) Loreto, Francesco; Burdsall Jr, Harold H.; Tirro, Alfio
Year: 1993   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Cure Of Phenol-Formaldehyde Adhesive In The Presence Of Cca-Treated Wood By Differential Scanning Calorimetry
Source: Wood and Fiber Science, Volume 25, Number 1, 1993; pp. 77-86.
Author(s) Vick, Charles B.; Christiansen, Alfred W.
Year: 1993   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Mathematical Relationship Between Desorption And Sorption Solutions
Source: DRYING TECHNOLOGY, Volume 11, Number 5, 1993; pp. 961-975.
Author(s) Liu, Jen Y.
Year: 1993   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Structural Bonding Of Acetylated Scandinavian Softwoods For Exterior Lumber Laminates
Source: INT.J.ADHESION AND ADHESIVES Volume 13 Number 3, JULY 1993, pp. 139-149.
Author(s) Vick, C.B.; Larsson, P.Ch.; Mahlberg, R.L.; Simonson, R.; Rowell, R.M.
Year: 1993   view abstract, download publication »

Publication Year: 1992
Title: Grouping Tropical Wood Species And Thicknesses By Similar Estimated Kiln Drying Time Using Mathematical Models
Source: In: Vanek, Manfred, ed. Understanding the wood drying process: A synthesis of theory and practice. Proceedings, 3rd International Union of Forestry Research Organizations (IUFRO) International conference; 1992 August 18-21; Vienna, Austria. Vienna, Austria: IUFRO; 1992 pp. 38-44.
Author(s) Simpson, William T.
Year: 1992   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Press-Drying Plantation Loblolly Pine Lumber To Reduce Warp: Follow-Up Studies
Source: Forest Prod. J., Volume 42, Number 5, 1992; pp. 65-69.
Author(s) Simpson, William T.; Pearson, Ronald G.; Tang, Yifu
Year: 1992   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Adhesives In Building
Source: In: Corish, Patrick J., ed. Advances in materials science and engineering. Concise encyclopedia of polymer processing applications. New York: Pergamon Press; 1992: pp. 17-21.
Author(s) Vick, C. B.
Year: 1992   view abstract, download publication »

Publication Year: 1991
Title: A Parametric Study Of Heat And Mass Transfer In Drying Of Capillary-Porous Media
Source: In: FED-Volume 122/HTD-Volume 186, Multiphase Transport in Porous Media, ASME 1991; pp. 25-32.
Author(s) Liu, Jen Y.; Cheng, Shun
Year: 1991   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Time-Dependent Mechanical Strength Of Wood Structural Members
Source: In: Proceedings of the 1991 International timber engineering conference; 1991 September 2-5; London. London: TRADA; Volume 4, 1991; pp. 4.164-4.171.
Author(s) Liu, Jen Y.; Schaffer, E.L.
Year: 1991   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Zonal Analysis Of Heat And Mass Transfer In The Drying Of Porous Media
Source: In: Proceedings of the 28th National heat transfer conference; 1991 July 28-31; Minneapolis, MN New York: The American Society of Mechanical Engineers; HTD-Volume 168; 1991; pp. 35-40.
Author(s) Liu, Jen Y.
Year: 1991   view abstract, download publication »

Title: A Variation In Acid-Catalyzed Isomerization Of Abietadienoic Acids
Source: Journal of wood chemistry and Technology, Volume 11, Number 4, 1991; pp. 439-446.
Author(s) Zinkel, Duane F.
Year: 1991   view abstract, download publication »

Title: International Tropical Timber Organization Meets
Source: Import/Export Wood Purchasing News, Volume 17, Number 4, 1990; 10 p.
Author(s) Lindell, Gary
Year: 1991   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Thickness Swelling And Density Variation In Aspen Flakeboards
Source: Wood Sci. Technol. Volume 25, 1991; pp. 73-82.
Author(s) Liu, J.Y.; McNatt, J.D.
Year: 1991   view abstract, download publication »

Publication Year: 1990
Title: Lignins: Structure And Distribution In Wood And Pulp
Source: Proceedings, Materials Research Society symposium; 1990 April 18-20; San Francisco, CA. Pittsburgh, PA: Materials Research Society; Volume 197, 1990: pp. 11-20.
Author(s) Obst, John R.
Year: 1990   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Lumber Drying In A Medium With Variable Potentials
Source: In: Proceedings of AIAA/ASME thermophysics and heat transfer conference; 1990 June 18-20; Seattle, WA. New York: The American Society of Mechanical Engineers; HTD- Volume 129, 1990; pp.149-156.
Author(s) Liu, J.Y.
Year: 1990   view abstract, download publication »

Title: A Cultural Study Of Several Species Of Antrodia (Polyporaceae, Aphyllophorales)
Source: Mycologia, Volume 82, Number 2, 1990; pp.185-191.
Author(s) Lombard, Frances F.
Year: 1990   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Empirical Model To Correlate Press Drying Time Of Lumber To Process And Material Variables
Source: Wood and Fiber Science, Volume 22, Number 1, 1990; pp. 39-53
Author(s) Simpson, William T.; Tang, Yi-fu
Year: 1990   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Permanence Of Warp Reduction In Press-Dried Plantation Loblolly Pine 2 By 4'S
Source: Forest Prod. J., Volume 40, Number 11/12, 1990; pp. 51-52.
Author(s) Simpson, William T.
Year: 1990   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Structural Composite Lumber
Source: Progressive Architecture, 12.90 1990; pp. 34-36.
Author(s) McNatt, J. Dobbin; Moody, Russell C.
Year: 1990   view abstract, download publication »

Publication Year: 1989
Title: Chapter 24; Research Methods
Source: In: Zinkel, Duane F.; Russell, James, eds. Naval Stores-Production. Chemistry, Utilization, New York: Pulp Chemicals Association; 1989: 803-845. Chapter 24; 1989; pp. 803-845.
Author(s) Zinkel, Duane F.
Year: 1989   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Fiber Recovery Economics For Secondary Fiber Mills
Source: In: TAPPI Proceedings, 1989 Pulping conference; 1989 October 22-25; Seattle, WA. Atlanta, GA: TAPPI Press; Book 1; 1989; pp. 171-176.
Author(s) Marcin, Thomas C.; Klungness, John H.
Year: 1989   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Heat And Moisture Transfer In Wood During Drying
Source: In: Proceedings, 3d Joint ASCE/ASME Mechanics conference; 1989 July 9-12; San Diego, CA. New York: The American Society of Mechanical Engineers; 1989; p. 79-85.
Author(s) Liu, J.Y.; Cheng, S.
Year: 1989   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Moving Toward A New Systems Paradigm For Forest Sector Modeling And Analysis
Source: In: Seppala, Risto, ed. Forest sector analysis revisited: Proceedings of an international symposium; 1988 July 25-29; Kerimaki, Finland. Helsinki: Finnish Forest Research Institute: 1989; pp. 110-121.
Author(s) Marcin, Thomas C.
Year: 1989   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Temperature Adjustments For The North American In-Grade Testing Program
Source: In: In-grade testing of structural lumber; Proceedings 47363. Madison, WI: Forest Products Research Society: 1989; pp. 27-38.
Author(s) Barrett, J. David; Green, David W.; Evans, James W.
Year: 1989   view abstract, download publication »

Title: A New Method For Separating Diffusion Coefficient And Surface Emission Coefficient
Source: Wood and Fiber Science, Volume 21, Number 2, 1989, pp. 133-141.
Author(s) Liu, Jen Y.
Year: 1989   view abstract, download publication »

Publication Year: 1988
Title: A Systems Analysis Approach To Economic Feasibility Analysis For Forest Products Utilization
Source: In: The 1988 symposium on systems analysis for forest resources; 1988 March 29-April 1; Pacific Grove, CA. Gen. Tech. Rep. INT-161. Fort Collin, CO: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Forest and Range Experiment Station: 1988; pp.251-259.
Author(s) Marcin, Thomas C.
Year: 1988   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Cutting Force Oscillations During Rotary Peeling Of Veneer
Source: In: Proceedings, 9th international wood machining seminar; 1988 October 10-12; Richmond, CA. Berkeley, CA: University of California-Berkeley; 1988: pp. 391-405.
Author(s) Loehnertz, Stephan P.; Patzer, Robert A.
Year: 1988   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Dynamic Integration Of Process And Product Innovation Research
Source: In: Executive Summaries; 43rd annual meeting; 1988 June; Reno, NV. Madison, WI: Forest Products Research Society; 1988; pp. 31-33.
Author(s) Marcin, Thomas C.
Year: 1988   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Mvp: A Modular Veneer Press Dryer For Hardwood Veneer
Source: In: Proceedings, 16th annual hardwood symposium of the Hardwood Research Council; 1988 May 15-18; Cashiers, NC. Memphis, TN: Hardwood Research council; 1988: pp. 108-122.
Author(s) Loehnertz, Stephen P.
Year: 1988   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Strategic Planning For Forest Resource Utilization Research
Source: In: Proceedings of the 1988 Society of American Foresters national convention; 1988 October 16-19; Rochester, NY. Bethesda, MD: Society of American Foresters: 1988; pp. 300-304.
Author(s) Marcin, Thomas C.
Year: 1988   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Press-Drying Plantation-Grown Loblolly Pine 2 By 4'S To Reduce Warp
Source: Forest Prod. J., Volume 38, Number 11/12, 1988; pp. 41-48.
Author(s) Simpson, William T.; Danielson, Jeanne D.; Boone, R. Sidney
Year: 1988   view abstract, download publication »

Publication Year: 1987
Title: Factors Affecting Residential Construction In The United States-- Current Markets And Future Prospects
Source: In: Proceedings 47351; 1986 October 2-4; Chicago. Madison, WI: Forest Products Research Society; 1987: pp. 105-115.
Author(s) Marcin, Thomas C.; Hutton, Jay
Year: 1987   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Regional Pallet Production In The United States, 1985
Source: In: Proceedings of the 1987 joint meeting of the southern forest economics workers and the midwest forest economists; 1987 April. 8-10; Asheville, NC. Raleigh, NC: North Carolina State University; 1987; pp. 135 - 144.
Author(s) McCurdy, Dwight R.; Ewers, James T.; Burde, III John H.; Kung, Fan H.; McKeever, David B.
Year: 1987   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Regional Variations In Housing Characteristics And Wood Products Consumption For Residential Construction In The United States
Source: In: Proceedings of the 1987 joint meeting of the southern forest economists; 1987 April 8-10; Asheville, NC. Raleigh, NC: North Carolina State University; 1987; pp. 145-154.
Author(s) Marcin, Thomas C.
Year: 1987   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Cushioning Properties Of Corrugated Pads In Edge And Corner Drop Tests
Source: Boxboard Containers, May 1987, pp. 28-33.
Author(s) Liu, Jen; Laundrie, James F.
Year: 1987   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Laser Incising To Increase Drying Rate Of Wood
Source: Wood and Fiber Science, Volume 19, Number 1, 1987; pp. 9-25.
Author(s) Simpson, William T.
Year: 1987   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Proof Loading To Assure Lumber Strength
Source: Wood and Fiber Science, Volume 19, Number 3, 1987, pp. 283-297.
Author(s) Woeste, F.E.; Green, D.W.; Tarbell, K.A.; Marin, L.A.
Year: 1987   view abstract, download publication »

Publication Year: 1986
Title: Performance And Rehabilitation Of Timber Bridges
Source: In: Trans. Res. Rec. 1053. Washington, DC: Transportation Research Board, National Research Council; 1986: pp. 65-69.
Author(s) McCutcheon, William J.; Gutkowski, Richard M.; Moody, Russell C.
Year: 1986   view abstract, download publication »

Title: A System Approach To Structural Design Of Roof Assemblies
Source: In: Current topics in forest research: emphasis on contributions by women scientists: Proceedings of a national symposium; 1986 November 4-6; Gainesville, FL. Gen. Tech. Rep. SE-46. Asheville, NC: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service: 1986; pp. 89-91.
Author(s) McCarthy, Monica; Wolfe, Ronald
Year: 1986   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Localized Slope-Of-Grain--Its Importance And Measurement
Source: In: proceedings of the 5th nondestructive testing of wood symposium; 1985 September 9-11; Pullman, WA. Pullman, WA: Washington State University; [1986]: pp. 477-489.
Author(s) McDonald, Kent; Bendtsen, B. Alan
Year: 1986   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Organic Chemical Structure Determinations Of Wood Adhesives By Solid-State Nmr
Source: In: Christiansen, Alfred W.; Gillespie, Robert; Myers, George E.; River, Bryan H., eds. Wood adhesives in 1985: Status and needs. Proceedings 47344 of a conference; 1985 May 14-16; Madison, WI. Madison, WI: Forest Products Research Society; 1986: pp. 257-264.
Author(s) Marciel, Gary E.; Chuang, I-Ssuer; Hatfield, Galen R.; Myers, George E.
Year: 1986   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Flat-Crush Failure Mechanism Of Corrugated Fiberboard
Source: Transactions of the ASME, Volume 53, September 1986; pp. 602-608.
Author(s) Liu, Jen Y.
Year: 1986   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Measuring Localized Slope Of Grain By Electrical Capacitance
Source: Forest Prod. J. Volume 36, Number 10, 1986; pp. 75-78.
Author(s) McDonald, Kent A.; Bendtsen, B. Alan
Year: 1986   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Tensile Strength Of Aitc 302-24 Grade Tension Laminations
Source: Forest Prod. J. Volume 36, Number 1, 1986; pp. 13-19.
Author(s) Marx, Catherine M.; Evans, James W.
Year: 1986   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Identification Of New Resin Acids In Southern Pine Oleoresins And Rosin
Source: Naval Stores Review, Volume 96, Number 3, 1986; pp. 18-19.
Author(s) Zinkel, Duane F.
Year: 1986   view abstract, download publication »

Publication Year: 1985
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