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Below are the 77 publications that have been posted within the last 90 calendar days sorted by year. You may re-sort the listing by: 

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Book Chapter2
Conference Proceedings14
General Technical Reports1
Journal Articles37
Not Classified12
Research Notes1

Publication Year: 2015
Title: Chapter 20: The use of wood fibers as reinforcements in composites
Source: In: Biofiber Reinforcement in composite materials, Chapter 20; 2015; pp. 648-688.
Author(s) Matuana, L.M.; Stark, N.M.
Year: 2015   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Durability And Wood Protection Research At The Forest Products Laboratory [Brochure].
Source: Madison, WI: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Forest Products Laboratory, 2015
Author(s) Clausen, Carol
Year: 2015   view abstract, download publication »

Title: A Field Assessment of Timber Highway Bridge Durability in the United States
Source: In: Structures Congress 2015; Proceedings of the 2015 Structures Congress April 23-25, 2015 Portland, Oregon, pp. 278-286.
Author(s) Wacker, J.P.; Brashaw, B.K.; Jalinoos, F.
Year: 2015   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Corrosion of Wires on Wooden Wire-Bound Packaging Crates
Source: In: NACE International Corrosion Conference and Expo 2015 Paper No. 5617, 2015; 15 p.
Author(s) Zelinka, Samuel L.; Lebow, Stan
Year: 2015   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Flame Retardancy of Chemically Modified Lignin as Functional Additive to Epoxy Nanocomposites
Source: In: 26th annual Conference on Recent Advances in Flame retardancy, MAY 18 - 20, 2015 SHERATON STAMFORD HOTEL, STAMFORD CT USA; Session 3: Nanocomposites, 2015; pp. 2-1 - 2-8.
Author(s) Howarter, John A.; Mendis, Gamini P.; Bruce, Alex N.; Youngblood, Jeffrey P.; Dietenberger, Mark A.; Hasburgh, Laura, E..
Year: 2015   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Life-Cycle Inventory Analysis of Laminated Veneer Lumber Production in the United States
Source: Proceedings of the 58th International Convention of Society of Wood Science and Technology June 7-12, 2015 - Grand Teton National Park, Jackson, Wyoming, USA; paper A-1 pp. 1-10.
Author(s) Bergman, Richard D., PhD.
Year: 2015   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Remote sensing for detection of termite infestations—Proof of Concept
Source: Proceedings IRG Annual Meeting (ISSN 2000-8953) 2015. The International Research Group on Wood Protection IRG/WP 15-10846; 2015; 11 p.
Author(s) Green III, Frederick; Arango, Rachel A.; Boardman, Charles R.; Bourne, Keith J.; Hermanson, John C.; Munson, Robert A.
Year: 2015   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Subcellular Electrical Measurements as a Function of Wood Moisture Content
Source: Proceedings of the 58th International Convention of Society of Wood Science and Technology, June 7-12, 2015 – Grand Teton National Park, Jackson, Wyoming, USA. pp. 568-576.
Author(s) Zelinka, Samuel L.; Quintana, José L. Colon; Glass, Samuel V.; Jakes, Joseph E.; Wiedenhoeft, Alex C.
Year: 2015   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Potential for Coal Power Plants to Co-Fire with Woody Biomass in the U.S. North, 2010-2030: A Technical Document Supporting the Northern Forest Futures Project
Source: USDA Forest Service, Forest Products Laboratory, General Technical Report, FPL-GTR-237, 2015; 24 p.
Author(s) Goerndt, Michael E.; Aguilar, Francisco X.; Skog, Kenneth E.
Year: 2015   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Collection of wood quality data by X-ray densitometry: a case study with three southern pines
Source: Wood Science and Technology
Author(s) Eberhardt, Thomas L.; Samuelson, Lisa J.
Year: 2015   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Command Performance The USFS presents its annual Termiticide Report for 2014
Source: Pest Management Professional March 2015; pp. 42-46.
Author(s) Shelton, Thomas; Fye, Donald; Tang, Juliet, D..; Mankowski, Mark, E. .
Year: 2015   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Comparison of Compounding Approaches for Wood-Derived Cellulose Nanocrystals and Polyamide 6
Source: Comparison of Compounding Approaches for Wood-Derived Cellulose Nanocrystals and Polyamide 6. SPE ANTEC™ Orlando 2015; pp. 430-434.
Author(s) Clemons, Craig
Year: 2015   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Cradle-to-Gate Life Cycle Assessment of Switchgrass Fuel Pellets Manufactured in the Southeastern United States
Source: Wood and Fiber Science, Volume 47, Number 2, 2015; pp. 147-159.
Author(s) Bergman, R. D., PhD.; Reed, D. L.; Taylor, A. M.; Harper, D. P.; Hodges, D. G.
Year: 2015   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Cradle-to-gate life cycle impacts of redwood forest resource harvesting in northern California
Source: Journal of Cleaner Production
Author(s) Han, Han-Sup; Oneil, Elaine; Bergman, Richard D.; Eastin, Ivan L.; Johnson, Leonard R.
Year: 2015   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Enhanced thermal stability of biomedical thermoplastic polyurethane with the addition of cellulose nanocrystals
Source: Journal of Applied Polymer Science, Volume 132, Number 22, 2015; 8 p.
Author(s) Liu, Jen-Chieh; Martin, Darren J.; Moon, Robert J.; Youngblood, Jeffrey P.
Year: 2015   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Facile preparation of nanofiller-paper using mixed office paper without deinking
Source: Tappi Journal, Volume 14, Number 3, 2015; pp.167-174.
Author(s) Wang, Qianqian; Zhu, J.Y.
Year: 2015   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Grafting of Bacterial Polyhydroxybutyrate (PHB) onto Cellulose via In Situ Reactive Extrusion with Dicumyl Peroxide
Source: Biomacromolecules
Author(s) Wei, Liqing; McDonald, Armando G.; Stark, Nicole M.
Year: 2015   view abstract, download publication »

Title: High titer and yield ethanol production from undetoxified whole slurry of Douglas-fir forest residue using pH profiling in SPORL
Source: Biotechnology for Biofuels, Volume 8, Number 22, 2015; 10 p.
Author(s) Cheng, Jinlan; Leu, Shao-Yuan; Zhu, JY; Gleisner, Rolland
Year: 2015   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Introduction to Special Issue: Wood Adhesives: Past, Present, and Future
Source: Forest Products Journal
Author(s) Frihart, Charles R.
Year: 2015   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Soy Flour Adhesive Strength Compared with That of Purified Soy Proteins*
Source: Forest Products Journal
Author(s) Lorenz, Linda; Birkeland, Michael; Daurio, Chera; Frihart, Charles R.
Year: 2015   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Threshold for ion movements in wood cell walls below fiber saturation observed by X-ray fluorescence microscopy (XFM)
Source: Holzforschung
Author(s) Zelinka, Samuel L.; Gleber, Sophie-Charlotte; Vogt, Stefan; Rodriguez Lopez, Gabriela M.; Jakes, Joseph E.
Year: 2015   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Using a combined hydrolysis factor to optimize high titer ethanol production from sulfite-pretreated poplar without detoxification
Source: Bioresource Technology. 186: 223-231.
Author(s) Zhang, Jingzhi; Gu, Feng; Zhu, J.Y.; Zalesny Jr., Ronald S., Jr..
Year: 2015   view abstract, download publication »

Title: FPL NewsLine
Source: USDA Forest Service, Forest Products Laboratory, NewsLine 2015, Volume 14, Issue 1
Author(s) Michael T. Rains; Douglas Clawson; Rebecca Wallace; Karen Nelson; Tom Owens; Jim Anderson; Madelon Wise; Steve Schmieding; Raj Lal; Bill Ireland
Year: 2015   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Essential Oils Inhibit Mold on Wood
Source: U.S. Patent B2 8,986,757. March 24. 9 pgs. Int Classif. A61K 36/33.
Author(s) yang, vina; Clausen, Carol
Year: 2015   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Fiber Loading Improvements in Papermaking
Source: U.S. Patent B2 8,808,503. August 19. 12 p. Int. Classif. D21H 17/70.
Author(s) Klungness, John
Year: 2015   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Method of Forming a Cellulose Nanocrystalline Film
Source: U.S. Patent
Author(s) Youngblood, Jeffrey; Moon, Robert; Reising, Alex
Year: 2015   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Recursive Hexapod System and Method for Multiaxial Mechanical Testing
Source: U.S. Patent B2, 8,978,480. March 17. Int. Classif. G01N 3/02.
Author(s) Michopoulos, John; Hermanson, John; Illopoulos, Athanasios
Year: 2015   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Sugar Transport Sequences, Yeast trains Having Improved Sugar Update, and Methods of Use
Source: U.S. Patent B2, 8,916,367. December 23. Int. Classif. C12P 7/06.
Author(s) Jeffries, Thomas W.; Bae, JuYun; Lin, Bernice; VanVleet, Jennifer
Year: 2015   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Condition Assessment of a Historic Trout Rearing Station in Upper Michigan
Source: USDA Forest Service, Forest Products Laboratory, Research Note, RN-0334, 2015; 7 p.
Author(s) Franca, Frederico J. N.; Franca, Tamara S.F. Amorin; Yeary, Lon A.; Hohnholt, Christopher; Forsman, John W.; Ross, Robert J.
Year: 2015   view abstract, download publication »

Publication Year: 2014
Title: Anthraquinone-A review of the rise and fall of a pulping catalyst
Source: TAPPI JOURNAL, VOLUME 13, NUMBER 10, OCTOBER 2014; pp. 23-31; 2014
Author(s) Hart, Peter W.; Rudie, Alan W.
Year: 2014   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Patterning of oxide-hardened gold black by photolithography and metal lift-off
Source: Infrared Physics & Technology, Volume 62, 2014; pp. 94–99.
Author(s) Panjwani, Deep; Yesiltas, Mehmet; Nath, Janardan; Maukonen, D.E.; Rezadad, Imen; Smith, Evan M.; Peale, R.E.; Hirschmugl, Carol; Sedlmair, Julia; Wehlitz, Ralf; Unger, Miriam; Boreman, Glenn
Year: 2014   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Preserving ancient artifacts for the next millennia
Source: PNAS, Volume 111, Number 50, 2015; pp. 17700-17701.
Author(s) Zelinka, Samuel L.
Year: 2014   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Reinforced hybrid wood-aluminum composites with excellent fire performance
Source: Holzforschung
Author(s) Lu, Keyang; White, Robert H.; Fu, Feng; Hou, Junfeng; Zhang, Yisheng; Gribbins, Neil; Cai, Zhiyong
Year: 2014   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Technical note: Evaluation of a crucible furnace retort for laboratory torrefactions of wood chips
Source: Wood and Fiber Science
Author(s) Eberhardt, Thomas L.; Reed, Karen G.
Year: 2014   view abstract, download publication »

Publication Year: 2013
Title: Inventory of U.S.: Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Sinks: 1990-2011 – Main Text
Source: In: Inventory of U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Sinks: 1990-2011. USEPA #430-R-13-001. Washington, D.C.: 7-10 to 7-30; A-182 to A-330; 2013. pp. 7/13-7/30 to A/282-A-330.
Author(s) Skog, Kenneth
Year: 2013   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Prediction of transverse shrinkages of young-growth Sitka spruce (Picea sitchensis) and western hemlock (Tsuga heterophylla) with ultrasonic measurements
Source: Wood Material Science & Engineering, Volume 8, Number 4, 2013; pp. 234-241.
Author(s) Dundar, Turker; Wang, Xiping; Ross, Robert J.
Year: 2013   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Primary properties of MDF using thermomechanical pulp made from oxalic acid pretreated rice straw particles
Source: Industrial Crops & Products, Volume 41, 2013; pp. 414-418.
Author(s) Li, Xianjun; Wu, Yiqiang; Cai, Zhiyong; Winandy, Jerrold E.
Year: 2013   view abstract, download publication »

Publication Year: 2005
Title: Wood Used In New Residential Construction U.S. and Canada - 1995, 1998, and 2003; Appendix C
Source: In: Wood Products Council, 2005. Wood used in new residential construction U.S. and Canada 1995, 1998, and 2003. Tacoma, WA: Wood Products Council, Appendix C. 2005; 99 p.
Author(s) McKeever, David B.
Year: 2005   view abstract, download publication »

Publication Year: 2002
Title: 5 Molecular Genetics of Lignin-Degrading Fungi and Their Applications in Organopollutant Degradation
Source: In: The Mycota A comprehensive treatise on Fungi as Experimental Systems for Basic and Applied Research. XI Agricultural Applications 2002; pp. 71-90.
Author(s) Cullen, Daniel
Year: 2002   view abstract, download publication »

Publication Year: 1999
Title: The Structures of Native Celluloses and Their Modifications During Isolation and Preparation
Source: Proceedings of the MIE Bioforum 98: Genetics, Biochemistry and Ecology of Cellulose Degradation (1999 Sept. 7-11 : Suzuka, Japan) pp. 21-22.
Author(s) Atalla, R.H.
Year: 1999   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Wood used in New Residential Construction 1998 and 1995
Source: Wood Products Council, 1999; Wood used in new residential construction –1998 and 1995. Tacoma, WA: APA-The Engineered Wood Assoc. 14 p.
Author(s) McKeever, David
Year: 1999   view abstract, download publication »

Publication Year: 1995
Title: Polyoxometalate Bleaching of Kraft Pulp: A Highly Selective closed Mill Technology
Source: In: Proceedings of the 1995 TAPPI Pulping conference; 1995 October 1-5; Chicago Il. Atlanta, GA: TAPPI PRESS: Book 1. 1995; pp. 153-156.
Author(s) Weinstock, I.A.; Atalla, R.H.; Reiner, R.S.; Moen, M.A.; Hammel, K.E.; Hill, C. L.; Houtman, C.J.
Year: 1995   view abstract, download publication »

Publication Year: 1994
Title: Checklist and host index of wood-inhabiting fungi of Alaska
Source: MYCOTAXON, Volume 52, Number 1, July-September 1994; pp. 1-46.
Author(s) Volk, Thomas J.; Burdsall Jr., Harold H.; Reynolds, Keith
Year: 1994   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Phenolic adhesive bonds to aspen veneers treated with amino-resin fire retardants
Source: Forest Prod. J. Volume 44, Number 1, 1994; pp. 33-40.
Author(s) Vick, Charles B.
Year: 1994   view abstract, download publication »

Publication Year: 1993
Title: Cure of Phenol-Formaldehyde Adhesive in the Presence of CCA-Treated Wood by Differential Scanning Calorimetry
Source: Wood and Fiber Science, Volume 25, Number 1, 1993; pp. 77-86.
Author(s) Vick, Charles B.; Christiansen, Alfred W.
Year: 1993   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Structural bonding of acetylated Scandinavian softwoods for exterior lumber laminates
Source: INT.J.ADHESION AND ADHESIVES Volume 13 Number 3, JULY 1993, pp. 139-149.
Author(s) Vick, C.B.; Larsson, P.Ch.; Mahlberg, R.L.; Simonson, R.; Rowell, R.M.
Year: 1993   view abstract, download publication »

Publication Year: 1992
Title: Adhesives in Building
Source: In: Corish, Patrick J., ed. Advances in materials science and engineering. Concise encyclopedia of polymer processing applications. New York: Pergamon Press; 1992: pp. 17-21.
Author(s) Vick, C. B.
Year: 1992   view abstract, download publication »

Publication Year: 1991
Title: A Variation in Acid-Catalyzed Isomerization of Abietadienoic Acids
Source: Journal of wood chemistry and Technology, Volume 11, Number 4, 1991; pp. 439-446.
Author(s) Zinkel, Duane F.
Year: 1991   view abstract, download publication »

Publication Year: 1989
Title: Chapter 24; Research Methods
Source: In: Zinkel, Duane F.; Russell, James, eds. Naval Stores-Production. Chemistry, Utilization, New York: Pulp Chemicals Association; 1989: 803-845. Chapter 24; 1989; pp. 803-845.
Author(s) Zinkel, Duane F.
Year: 1989   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Temperature adjustments for the North American in-grade testing program
Source: In: In-grade testing of structural lumber; Proceedings 47363. Madison, WI: Forest Products Research Society: 1989; pp. 27-38.
Author(s) Barrett, J. David; Green, David W.; Evans, James W.
Year: 1989   view abstract, download publication »

Publication Year: 1988
Title: Factors affecting the strength of block-shear specimens
Source: Forest Prod. J. Volume 39, Number 1, 1988; pp. 43-50.
Author(s) Okkonen, E. Arnold; River, Bryan H.
Year: 1988   view abstract, download publication »

Publication Year: 1987
Title: Bondability of wood surfaces
Source: In: Maloney, Thomas M., ed. Proceedings, 21st International particleboard/composite materials symposium; 1987 March 24-26; Pullman, WA. Pullman, WA: Washington State University; 1987; pp. 253-278.
Author(s) Johns, William E.; Myers, Gary C.; Motter, William K.
Year: 1987   view abstract, download publication »

Publication Year: 1986
Title: Direct board-facing moisture measurement
Source: Paperboard Packaging, December 1986, pp. 54-58.
Author(s) Burns, Stanley G.; Laundrie, James F.
Year: 1986   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Wood Processing Variables and Adhesive Joint Performance
Source: Journal of Applied Polymer Science, Volume 32, 1986; pp. 2979-2988.
Author(s) Ebewele, Robert O.; River, Bryan H.; Koutsky, James A.
Year: 1986   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Identification of New Resin Acids in Southern Pine Oleoresins and Rosin
Source: Naval Stores Review, Volume 96, Number 3, 1986; pp. 18-19.
Author(s) Zinkel, Duane F.
Year: 1986   view abstract, download publication »

Publication Year: 1985
Title: A Chemical Kinetics Approach to the Duration-of-load Problem in Wood
Source: Wood and Fiber Science, Volume 17, Number 4, 1985; pp. 504-521.
Author(s) Caulfield, D. F.
Year: 1985   view abstract, download publication »

Publication Year: 1984
Title: Wood
Source: In: Kirk-Othmer: Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology, Volume 24, Third edition 1984 by John willey & Sons, Inc.; 1984; pp. 579-611.
Author(s) Wegner, Theodore H.; Baker, A.J.; Bendtsen, B.A.; Brenden, J.J.; Eslyn, W.E.; Harris, J.F.; Howard, J.L.; Miller, R.B.; Pettersen, R.C.; Rowe, J.W.; Rowell, R.M.; Simpson, W.T.; Zinkel, D.F.
Year: 1984   view abstract, download publication »

Title: How Wet Press Residence Affects Paperboard Strength
Source: Southern Pulp & Paper, July 1984; Volume 47, Number 7, pp. 18-22.
Author(s) Wegner, T.H.; Caulfield, D.F.; Young, T.L.
Year: 1984   view abstract, download publication »

Publication Year: 1983
Title: Role of fiber geometry in water removal by wet pressing
Source: Tappi Journal, Volume 66, Number 4, 1983; pp. 85-88.
Author(s) Wegner, T. H.; Young, T.L.; Caulfield, D.F.
Year: 1983   view abstract, download publication »

Title: New Developments in Rosin Ester and Dimer Chemistry
Source: Naval Stores Review, November-December, Volume 93, Number. 6, 1983; pp. 12-13.
Author(s) Zinkel, Duane F.
Year: 1983   view abstract, download publication »

Publication Year: 1982
Title: Adducts of Anthrahydroquinone and Anthranol with Lignin Model Quinone Methides
Source: J. Org. Chem., Volume 47, Number 18, 1982; pp. 3486-3495.
Author(s) Landucci, Lawrence L.; Ralph, John
Year: 1982   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Improve strength in high-yield pulps through chemical treatment
Source: Tappi J. Volume 65, Number 8, August 1982; pp. 103-107.
Author(s) Wegner, T.H.
Year: 1982   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Relationship between Phenolic Adhesive Chemistry, Cure and Joint Performance
Source: J. Adhesion, Volume 14, 1982; pp. 189--217.
Author(s) Ebewele, Robert O.; River, Bryan H.; Koutsky, James A.
Year: 1982   view abstract, download publication »

Publication Year: 1981
Title: Bonding of Air-laid Webs: Critical amount of Moisture Necessary
Source: Proceedings of the TAPPI 1981 annual meeting, Chicago, IL, March 2-4, 1981; pp. 77-81.
Author(s) Byrd, Von L.
Year: 1981   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Machine Stress Rating of Wood: An Overview
Source: Proceedings of XVII IUFRO World Congress, Division 5, 1981; p. 21-34.
Author(s) Bendtsen, B. Alan; Youngs, Robert L.
Year: 1981   view abstract, download publication »

Publication Year: 1980
Title: Tapered Double Cantilever Beam Fracture Tests of Phenolic-wood Adhesive Joints Part II. Effects of Surface Roughness, the nature of surface roughness, and surface aging on joint fracture energy
Source: Wood and Fiber, Volume 12, Number 1, 1980, pp. 40-65.
Author(s) Ebewele, Robert O.; River, Bryan H.; Koutsky, James A.
Year: 1980   view abstract, download publication »

Publication Year: 1979
Title: Tapered Double Cantilever Beam Fracture Tests of Phenolic-Wood Adhesive Joints Part I Development of specimen geometry; effects of bondline thickness, wood anisotropy and cure time on fracture energy
Source: Wood and Fiber, Volume 11, Number 3, 1979, pp. 197-213.
Author(s) Ebewele, Robert; River, Bryan; Koutsky, James
Year: 1979   view abstract, download publication »

Publication Year: 1973
Title: Characteristics of Load-bearing Sandwich Panels for Housing (state-of-the-art Report)
Source: U.S. Forest Products Laboratory for the Department of Housing and Urban Development; 1973; 210 p.
Author(s) Kuenzi, E.W.; Millett, M.A.; Montrey, H.M.; Wilkinson, T.L.; Schaffer, E.L.; Holmes, C.A.; Eickner, H.W.; Nestler, F.H.M.; Jones, R.E.; Heebink, B.G.; Ramaker, T.J.
Year: 1973   view abstract, download publication »

Publication Year: 1972
Title: Elastomeric Adhesives in Building Construction
Author(s) Gillespie, Robert H.; River, Bryan H.
Year: 1972   view abstract, download publication »

Publication Year: 1970
Title: Sandwich Panel Design
Source: be given at a symposium on Panelized Building Systems, Sir George Williams University, Montreal, Canada, June 2-3, 1970; 18 p.
Author(s) Kuenzi, Edward W.
Year: 1970   view abstract, download publication »

Publication Year: 1964
Title: Stressed-Skin and Sandwich-Panel Units
Source: Forest Products Journal, May 1964; pp. 192-194.
Author(s) Anderson, Leroy O.
Year: 1964   view abstract, download publication »

Publication Year: 1959
Title: Case studies of four sandwich panel houses
Source: November 1959, Forest Products Laboratory, 1959; 7 p.
Author(s) Markwardt, L.J.; Wood, Lyman W.
Year: 1959   view abstract, download publication »

Publication Year: 1958
Title: Properties of Alkyd-Isocyanate Foamed-in-Place Core
Source: WADC Technical Report 57-182; ASTIA Document No. 155884; 1958; 33 p.
Author(s) Jenkinson, P.M.; Kuenzi, E.W.
Year: 1958   view abstract, download publication »

Publication Year: 1957
Title: Mechanical Properties of 422-J Bacfoam Core for Sandwich Construction
Source: WADC Technical Report 57-132; ASTIA Document No. AD 118249; 1957; 17 p.
Author(s) Jenkinson, P.M.; Kuenzi, E.W.
Year: 1957   view abstract, download publication »

Publication Year: 1956
Title: Effects of some preservative treatments on the flammability of wood
Source: In: Proceedings Fifty-Second Annual Meeting of the American Wood-Preservers' Association, Jung Hotel, New Orleans, Louisiana, April 23, 24, 25, Volume 52, 1956; pp. 11-23.
Author(s) Bruce, H.D.
Year: 1956   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Effect of moisture sorption on weight and dimensional stability of Alkyd-Isocyanage Foam core
Source: WADC Technical Report 56-86; Astia Document No. AD 97289. 1956; 36 p.
Author(s) Setterholm, V.C.; Kuenzi, E.W.
Year: 1956   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Performance of Sandwich with cores of Foamed Silicone and Modified Polyester Resins at Elevated Temperatures and at High Humidity
Source: WADC Technical Report 56-230; ASTIA Document No. AD 110421; October 1956; 31 p.
Author(s) Setterholm, V.C.; Kuenzi, E.W.
Year: 1956   view abstract, download publication »