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Engineer Rick Reiner operates FPL's nanocellulose pilot plant.
Chemical & Engineering News, published by the American Chemical Society, just ran a comprehensive cover story on nanocellulose titled Nano From the Forest. In the four-page feature, reporter Mitch Jacoby covers topics from fundamental research to commercialization efforts, and includes an excellent,¬†short video of how nanocellulose is produced here at the Forest Products Laboratory (FPL)... view  »
Engineer Rick Reiner operates FPL's nanocellulose pilot plant.
Spectroscopy Research Challenges a Deadly Tree Fungus

Loblolly pine ranges from Georgia and the Carolinas to Texas but a destructive fungus is threatening this common southern softwood. Fusiform rust ... view »

Telia (spores) of Fusiform rust

All Hands on Deck to Lessen Wildland Fire Damage

Because wildland fires pose a significant societal threat, it is important to understand how to mitigate their damage. Lives and structures are at risk ... view »

Structure fire during
Waldo Canyon fire.

Science Making a Difference - Recent Research Highlights

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Research Emphasis Areas

Study Confirms Wood Vital to Green Building

Wood should factor as a primary material in green building according to a new U.S. Forest Service Forest Products Laboratory Study ...
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Termite Eradication

A search for the Holy Grail

An interview with FPL Entomologist Rachel Arango and her innovative eradication approach ... view »


Nanocellulose, Rethink Paper

The Forest Products Industry is constantly searching for ways to unlock incredible innovations... view »

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Economic use of Beetle-Killed Trees

A new strategic framework on the market-oriented use of beetle-killed trees as a way to offset forest restoration costs and utilize woody biomass... view Report ».

Moisture Management in Residential Construction Series

A video series that demonstrates construction techniques and building science principles that minimize moisture-related performance issues in the building enclosure... view » 

Wood Floor Systems in Residential Construction Series

This video series identifies construction techniques that minimize wood subfloor construction issues and highlights installation tips ... view »