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Forest Products Laboratory
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Discovery Channel Features Safe Room Research

FPL engineer Bob Falk talks tornado safe rooms with the Discovery Channel. (Click photo for video clip.)
Discovery Channel Canada recently spent a day at the Forest Products Laboratory (FPL) to film a segment on Bob Falk’s tornado safe room research. Falk, a research general engineer at FPL, is developing plans for a do-it-yourself tornado safe room made from commodity lumber. His research, which involves shooting 2x4 lumber from an air cannon at 100 mph, was featured on the show Daily Planet and the results are a blast... view  »
FPL engineer Bob Falk talks tornado safe rooms with the Discovery Channel. (Click photo for video clip.)
Still A Hot Debate: Stacking Firewood Bark Up or Bark Down?

Baby, it's cold outside. So we thought we'd revisit one of the hottest Lab Notes posts ever published. The debate over how to stack firewood must still not be settled, as this post ... view »

How does your firewood stack up: bark up or bark down?

Wood and Timber Condition Assessment Manual: A New FPL Report

Deterioration of an in-service wood member may result from a variety of causes during the life of a structure. Periodic inspection of wood used in structures is important ... view »

Cover of Wood and Timber Condition Assessment Manual - Second Edition.

Science Making a Difference - Research Highlights from 2014

View the entire collection of Research Highlights.

Research Emphasis Areas

Study Confirms Wood Vital to Green Building

Wood should factor as a primary material in green building according to a new U.S. Forest Service Forest Products Laboratory Study ...
 view USDA News Release »
 view Publication »

Termite Eradication

A search for the Holy Grail

An interview with FPL Entomologist Rachel Arango and her innovative eradication approach ... view »


Nanocellulose, Rethink Paper

The Forest Products Industry is constantly searching for ways to unlock incredible innovations... view »

view all available videos »

Economic use of Beetle-Killed Trees

A new strategic framework on the market-oriented use of beetle-killed trees as a way to offset forest restoration costs and utilize woody biomass... view Report ».

Moisture Management in Residential Construction Series

A video series that demonstrates construction techniques and building science principles that minimize moisture-related performance issues in the building enclosure... view » 

Wood Floor Systems in Residential Construction Series

This video series identifies construction techniques that minimize wood subfloor construction issues and highlights installation tips ... view »


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